📌 1.) You submit tech companies who are actually hiring at this very second.

Submit via this form. There’s no cost. Free99 baby! We validate and approve. Note: You MUST currently work at the company you are submitting.

🔑 2.) Keyplay enriches the list with hiring & growth signals.

Tons of information you can use to filter and sort. Nightly refresh. Weekly re-crawl.

Disclaimer: As Hoobastank once said, “I’m not a perrrfect perrrson!” Our tech makes this happen at scale, but can’t crawl everything with 100% perfect fidelity. If you see anything missing or errors submit this form. We’re always improving. #GrowthMindset

🕵️‍♀️ 3.) We age out any companies that stop hiring or companies that have gone through recent layoffs.

Just because a company has listed jobs, doesn’t necessarily mean they are hiring. They could be “BuiLdINg cAnDIdate piPEliNe.” Yeah no thanks. We ain’t about that.

🙏 4.) The full list is freely available for you to find, follow, and learn about new opportunities.

Visit Send your friends who are looking for work. It’s tough out there for a lot of people, but lots of companies are still growing. Hope this helps. And of course, feedback is always welcome.